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The Elikia Hope Foundation is an international charity focusing on Africa

In the heart of the African continent lies numerous villages plagued by a severe lack of access to clean water, medical facilities, logistically proximal schools, emergency transportation, and vocational opportunities. In an effort to apply logical solutions to those specific issues, Her Royal Majesty Queen Diambi was prompted to create The Elikia Hope Foundation, who's mission is to use our resources to help orphans, build clean water wells so more kids can go to school, villages can have safe drinking water, and essentially reduce plastic waste.  Since we have personnel who are from the areas we aim to help, we understand how to infrastructures that include mobile educational and medical facilities, community transportation solutions, and even produce global business ventures for the locals!

We intend to show love and compassion and honor with everything we do. 

The Elikia Hope Foundation has already provided safety and refuge for numerous orphans, paid for babies medical services, and has already built wells in several villages.

Founder - Her Royal Majesty Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata of the Democratic Republic of Congo



Our Mission is to provide clean and drinkable water to villages by building solar powered well system.


Our mission is to build fully equipped schools and vocational training centers.


Our mission is to erect self-sustainable, solar powered and relocatable medical facilities in rural and underserved communities.


Promote learning about the history, cultures, customs and traditions of African people and Dispora and beyond, all of them anchored in shared spiritual and moral values of love, kindness, compassion, respect for human dignity, forgiveness, reconciliation, unity, justice and peace.


Donate Community Motorbikes made for the specific terrain and used for emergency situations and assisting elderly, advancing community moral, and delivery.

$1500.00 per MOTORBIKE

Includes: Motorbike, Delivery. Operational Council

Message from Her Royal Majesty Queen Diambi

My mission of hope, healing, love, unity, and empowerment aims to help transform the lives of my People in the D.R. Congo, throughout the African Continent and the African Diaspora around the world. It's my goal to create peace and unity between African people all over the world.        

You have the power and opportunity to make a massive impact on The Elikia Hope Foundation's mission, promoting healing, unity, solidarity, return, economic and financial empowerment and the sustainable development of African people and communities on the mainland and abroad.

We Are Creating A Global African Family ReUnion 

Her Majesty Queen Diambi is the Woman King of the Order of the Leopard of the Bakwa Luntu of the Luba ethnic group of Kasaï in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Her Majesty is the traditional leader of the Bakwa Luntu people of Central Kasaï and African descendants of Brazil and Panama.

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