Clean Water


Our Mission is to provide clean and drinkable water to villages by developing solar powered well system.

Africa is suffering from lack of access to clean and drinkable water. For most we just open the tap and clean water comes out. This is not the situation in Africa. Our mission is to provide clean and drinkable water to the villages to increase health, sanitation and sustainability by lowering risks and increasing better welfare. In The Elikia Hope Foundation we want to increase the use of green energy projects that again will help increasing the overall safety and healthcare in even remote villages in Africa.

With clean and drinkable water, we will

  • Minimize unnecessary risks,
  • Boost the overall health conditions
  • Save lives
  • Increase the foundation for healthier businesses
  • Secure safer childhoods and
  • Green environments

The children of Africa are in need of your support. Come and join us to help Africa go green and increase everyone's right to clean and drinkable water