The Queen Diambi Collection 


The Queen Diambi Collection Project was founded by Queen Diambi in 2017 as a way to showcase and support the talented Congolese Fashion designers and seamstresses in her country and abroad. The Project, established by 501c3 The Elikia Hope Foundation, its parent, is a Cooperative which will provide a Fashion Design School and Resource Center in the Congo to enable aspiring fashion Designers to receive education and mentorship from experienced designers, while experienced designers will receive the necessary financing to branch out and start their own fashion houses and related business.

 African Fashion

African Fashion Week London 

Queen Diambi's first collection was shown for the first time at London's African Fashion Week in 2018 and she was invited back in 2019, and 2021 with some new styles to grace the runway. The Congolese Seamstresses use old fashioned techniques like hand sewing and vintage sewing machines on these modern takes of Royal African Attire fit for a Quee