Medical Centers


Our mission is to erect self-sustainable, solar powered and relocatable medical facilities in rural and underserved communities.

In The Elikia Hope Foundation we wish to increase the overall healthcare and easy access to remote medical centers for the villages of Africa. With better healthcare and access to proper treatment, diseases can be stopped and treated, and lives can be saved. No matter age, we can all risk being in need of urgent healthcare and treatment. In The Elikia Hope Foundation we wish to pave the way for

  • Remote medical clinics to be established
  • Doctors and nurses to be trained and properly equipped
  • Efficient medicine and treatments to be given remotely until hospital treatment can be reached
  • Modern techniques as i.e., but not limited to, online guidance and medical advice and care, drone technology to bring out medicine and remote training in efficient sanitation and hygiene

If you think we are right, do not hesitate to join us with your support or ideas on how we can materialize our mission. We operate gladly with volunteers, sponsors, professionals and invite you to reach out to help us building Medical Centers in Africa.