Building schools and distributing school materials


Our mission is to build fully equipped schools and vocational training centers.

In The Elikia Hope Foundation we believe education secure a better world. In Africa there is a need of local schools and educational facilities. We insist on bringing knowledge and capacity building by paving the way for a better school system in villages of Africa. It is our mission to help founding local schools and training facilities physically or via online training, where also solar and wind energy will become an important facilitator to generate electrical power and support to ensure continuity and access to computer and WIFI.

We want to operate with minimum standards for teachers, who can train the trainers, and for the level of education. This to ensure,

  • no matter location, that kids of Africa are given a fair chance for education
  • a wiser, stronger and healthier Africa
  • knowledge sharing and growth.

Nonmatter whether you are a teacher, a specialist within the field of education, training or management of schools, or a technical engineer or a philanthropist or someone who believes in our mission, we urge you to come a help, cause if we stand united, we can make everlasting changes for the generations of Africa to come.